A branding and website design project for one of the UK’s leading fintech firms.

The Brief

OPAL is a large fintech company, their technology provides backend solutions to some of the finance industry’s biggest high street names. We were asked to help develop a brand for their subsidiary Opal IS venture, in order to hone in on the more dynamic start-up end of their customer base. The project involved developing the brand, messaging, the design of the website and also a video animation piece.

Our Solution

We worked closely with the Opal team to help form a visual strategy that would position Opal IS as the responsible, yet dynamic older brother of the fintech startup space. Opal IS needed an identity that was versatile, dynamic and energetic whilst also representing trust and its legacy as a major player in the fintech world.

Opal provides services that enable fintech startups to realise their ideas, giving their clients peace of mind that the technology Opal Is provides will work and is backed by years of experience.

The visual identity we developed spoke to this, balancing youthful dynamism with maturity.

The final project delivered a full website design created to easily integrate into Opal’s current web content management system and an extensive brand guide. We continue to support Opal as an external creative agency as Opal IS continues to grow.

Opal website