Bringing advanced investment products to the high street.

The Brief

Investore is an exciting new investment product, looking to change the way people approach ISA investment. They had big plans to bring dividend based investment to the high street and needed an effective brand. We were asked to create the brand for Investore, marketing collateral, application form user experience and a website.


Our Solution

Initially we worked with the marketing team to plan a detailed brand strategy aiming to launch Investore and its Dividend Income product for the pre-ISA season. The brand was created to position Investore as a trusted name within a very established market. Its disruptive nature and subsequent game-changing potential was a huge drive.

The real challenge came when working out the best way to educate what can be a relatively uninitiated target market, in the benefits of dividend based investing and other complicated investment products. We tackled this through the social media marketing strategy and careful user experience design through the website and visual identity. We worked with the team to develop the idea of ‘packaged up’ investing. This was heavily represented in the visual identity and tone of voice. Ultimately we wanted to demystify clever financial products and through carefully constructed visual language and a variety of content strategies we were able to do this.

The timeline was tight but within a couple of months we had created the website, designed the full application process user experience (UX), finished the visual identity, designed marketing collateral and visually executed the overarching brand strategy.

We have continued to work with Investore both through general creative support and ongoing marketing campaigns including the execution of a digital campaign across the GDN, Google search and remarketing. This has so far has been one of our highest converting, and most efficient campaigns in terms of customer acquisition.

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Fintech website design
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