Branding and website for the most beautiful bespoke bathrooms and kitchens.

The Brief

Dorset Seamless Surfaces design and build some of the most beautiful bespoke kitchens and bathrooms on the market. Their seamless construction techniques and materials allows for the creation of truly transformational and high impact spaces.

Branding design

Our Solution

The challenge was to create a logo and brand that represented the essence of the services that Dorset Seamless Surfaces supplied to its clients, being creative and ‘high-end’ without looking too exclusive. The logo was designed around the idea of an ’S’ and infinity symbol merging together, the icon shape along with the gradient styling gave the impression of a seamless flowing logo shape.

Once the brand was created we focus moved to the website. Dorset Seamless were lucky enough to have a catalog of high-quality photos, taken from some of their most impressive projects. As with any site content is king, so having great quality photography really helps to sell the service.

We created a clean, spacious, responsive website design, plenty of space for the imagery with minimal text content pushing visitors towards the clear inquiry sections. The site was built with the aim to initiate as many inquiries as possible.

As with any small start-up, the budget was a factor so we worked with the client to prioritise what was important in regards to the website and were finally able to produce a site that matched their budget yet should deliver the performance of a much higher budget site.



Seamless Showers website