When it comes to attracting investment, how you present yourself is everything! We know that having a strong visual identity along with a professional investor deck makes any potential investment look a whole lot more enticing. 

A strong, well thought out brand accompanied by a great-looking, concise investor deck adds huge legitimacy to a project. It helps to demonstrate to potential investors that the project is well considered and well underway. It’s tempting to rely on the raw facts and figures of a business plan alone to build interest. To help ensure you reach a wide a market as possible it’s worth putting time into a professional deck.

“Don’t just rely on the images available on your word processor or PowerPoint. Create engaging and descriptive images by tapping a photographer and/or a graphic designer. If you have no resources for either one, access pictures that are publicly available for reuse.

There’s nothing more irritating than seeing different font styles and sizes and colors in the slides. The format of your pitch deck should reflect the objectives you want for your presentation”

Source https://tech.co

Investor decks

We know that for any company looking to get started with its investment drive, a professional investor deck is the first step to address.

A well-designed investor deck is a highly effective tool to use, and one that can be a rich source of material to be repurposed for marketing emails, websites, presentations, and social media content. The deck can even form the basis for the website design. In fact, it’s not uncommon for us to receive investor decks or use decks we have designed to form the brief (of sorts) for a website. 

“A pitch deck is a presentation showcasing a company’s product/service, the size of the market, target market, demographics, business model, marketing strategy, competition, team, funding amount and timelines, and the exit for investors. Considering that raising capital can be a difficult task, the founders must ensure that their pitch is compelling and interesting”.

Source: www.entrepreneur.com

We have produced numerous investor and pitch decks for our clients and are experienced in turning dry, uninspiring PowerPoint documents into exciting, well-designed investor decks.   

Above we showcase our branding and investor deck design for new client; Lion Crypto, a blockchain-based company.  We created a core brand for them and used this palette to work through the investor deck design. By the end of the project LionCrytpto were well-equipped with the tools they needed to get going.

You may be at an early stage in your startup’s development and are looking to take your ideas to a public audience. Our team are always excited to receive a brief from a client looking to bring their business plan to life. It’s funny, but it seems once a business has a visual identity and pitch deck everything seems much more ‘real’. 

If you are looking to take that next step in your business plan and want to see how best to present your ideas in an engaging visual way then get in touch!