We worked with Dorset Seamless Surfaces to develop a high-end brand and effective lead generating website for this amazing company.



Dorset Seamless Surfaces create amazing, bespoke bathrooms, vanity tops, wet rooms, showers, and kitchen worktops for a very discerning client base. The techniques and materials they use allow for a seamless, flowing construction style, resulting in some of the most stunning bathrooms and kitchens we’ve ever seen. Although the company had been around for some time (without a name), they had not until now addressed their branding and the website and felt that now was the time.  We were approached by the Dorset based company to help them create an exciting, market-relevant brand and website for the next stage in the company’s evolution.

We started by producing a series of logo designs that we mocked up, showing how the brand may work within different applications.  We then supplied these to the team along with a brand guide, liaising with the team and developing the designs from there. The design angle was initially based on trying to achieve a more ‘safe’ and traditional bathroom orientated design. It became apparent during the process that the brand needed to feel a bit more unique and ‘bespoke’, reflecting the nature of the product and thus needed to stand apart from its more traditional counterparts. From there we moved the design towards something a bit more conceptual and versatile. The final design we landed on revolved around a logo that represented visually the seamless, flowing aspect of the product. The icon is based on two opposite, overlaid ’S’ shapes, that have been shaded to give the impression that they are three-dimensionally intertwined.



The website we created was built with the budget being a concern. We understand that a lot of start-up companies have a limited budget so it is important to streamline the site to work in and effective ‘no fuss’ way and not spend extra resource on unnecessary content or functionality. Fortunately Dorset Seamless had a folder full of very good quality photos taken from their projects, so it was really about using these as the hook, and then pushing users towards an easy and inviting inquiry form.

It’s usual that visitors to a site like this that offers such a high-end product service would most likely enquire or ask to be called back to get an idea of costs, so the language on the call to action areas was geared around that.

“We are really happy with our beautiful new website and branding. It really shows off what we do and what we’re about as a company. co:lab, took time to understand our needs and worked with us to produce a great result for us that didn’t go over budget”

Steve Gandy (Director, Dorset Seamless Surfaces)


If you want to check out the amazing work the Dorset Seamless Surfaces do you can view the site here http://dorsetseamless.co.uk/