Business development, design and technical solutions for this innovative aviation startup

The Brief

Osprey had created a potentially game-changing adaption to current aviation security. Their flight planning software was created to integrate into current flight safety protocol, meaning air travel companies could better plan for safer journeys. The company came to us with the need for a complete brand creation, website design, and business development.

Our Solution

We worked with the team to name the company, coming up with ‘Osprey’ a name that carries obvious connotations of aviation, strength, and security. Once named we then helped set the business up to be applicable to SEIS and EIS investment schemes, aiding them to get their seed investment.

Meanwhile, our creative teams worked to develop the branding and visual identity, including core logo design, extensive brand guidelines, business stationery, marketing assets, and a promotional animation.

As well as this we helped them to develop a website that included a bespoke live information feed and subscription function, meaning users can sign up to receive Osprey’s own flight safety information in real time. Osprey are now into their Series A funding, and have properly taken off (excuse the pun!).