Rewarding the community for accelerating renewable technology

The Brief

We were approached by the Genergy team and asked to create a new brand for their exciting blockchain based, eco-tech start-up project, harnessing the huge energy reserves based within our earth. The company were looking for complete brand creation and website design to attract investment.


Our Solution

After meeting with the team to understand their target market and aims for the project we worked closely to establish the name and initial brand direction both in terms of the eco-technology and also its blockchain based investment strategy.  The branding and visual identity needed to reflect both the green credentials of the project and also appeal to its blockchain based investment audience.

We created the entire look and feel of the brand which positioned the company as a credible entity within the emerging eco-tech sector, as well as an exciting investment opportunity for casual and professional blockchain investors. After creating the brand consisting of logo design, brand guidelines, messaging and full visual identity, we went on to design and build the website, the whitepaper, and advised across all the blockchain / crypto elements of the business.

Genergy is now attracting private investment.